miércoles, 22 de diciembre de 2010

Spon - Spon 2 (Beat Fanatic Classics) (2010)

01. Paris Fever
02. Cali Classic
03. Changes
04. Do It Again (Feat PK & Kay Of Tha Foundation)
05. Rain Fire (Feat. Surreal)
06. The Best (Feat. Reach)
07. Hip Hop Base
08. Get Live
09. The Recall (Feat. Solar C.)
10. Murals Of Thought (Feat. PK)
11. Growing Up (Rising Sun remix)
12. Pure Havoc
13. Walk With Me
14. Get It Done
15. Feeling Alright
16. Settin In (Feat. MP)
17. Aim For The Sky (Feat. PK)
18. Paperbird
19. New Heights (Feat. Duh-Knock & Solar C.)
20. On The Regular
21. Stress Free


DJ Fumiya - Jazz Cristal Winter (2008)

1-Ayur / Children Of The Earth (Piano Mix)
2-Common / Resurrection'95
3-Grooveman Spot / R-E-S-S-U-R-E-C-T-I-O-N 03
4-Dj Fumiya / Resurrection (Fumiya Rmx)
5-Little West / Once
6-Rainbow Tech / East Ta West
7-Count Bass D / 7Years
8-Piano Overlord / Walk Home
9-Jazz Liberatorz / Blue Avenue
10-Babu&Iriscience / Pay Attention
11-Rae&Christian / Anything U Want (Aim Rmx)
12-Aboriginals / Keep It Hot
13-Shin-Ski Of Martiangang / Emerald Myst
14-The Boulevard Connection / Copenhagen
15-Raw Produce / Cycles (Grooveman Spot Rmx)
16-Common / 6Th Sence (Pat D Remix)
17-Himuki / Get Down
18-Time Machine / On The Moon
19-Evelyn Champagne King / The Show Is Over
20-Time Machine / The Way Things Are
21-Kazahaya / Kzlight
22-Jurassic 5 / Canto De Ossanha
23-Good People / Bar Backs (Volta Masters Rmx)
24-Nomak / One Fist
25-Foreign Exchange / All That You Are
26-A.T.C.Q / Stressed Out (Dela Rmx)
27-Himuki / Hold On
28-Grooveboy / ????
29- Zo! / Love No Limit
30-Sleeping Gimp / Love Of My Life



viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

Q-Tip - Amplified (Instrumentals) (2001)

A1 Wait up
A2 Higher
A3 Breathe and stop
B1 Moving with U
B2 Let's ride
B3 Things we do
C1 All in
C2 Go hard
C3 Do it
D1 Vivrant thing
D2 N.T.
D3 End of time
D4 Do it, see it, be it

Les Dejo las Instrumentales...


Q-Tip - Amplified (1999)

1.Wait Up
3.Do It
4.Moving With U
5.Let's Ride
6.Things U Do
7.All In
8.Go Hard
9.Breathe And Stop
10.Vivrant Thing
11.N.T. - (featuring Busta Rhymes)
12.End Of Time - (featuring Korn)

Excelente disco de el mandamas de A Tribe Called Quest con su primer disco "Amplified" con producciones de J Dilla... ENJOY!